All class balance

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All class balance

Post by =Prophecy= on Sat Jan 14, 2017 3:38 pm

Because we saw a lot of people complaining about server balance and we can not nerf some classes we're just goin'
to fix for example, the percentage of stun, such as the percentage in general and the percentage from one class to the other.
All pvp classes except the ones that are already "op" are going to be buffed, classes such Duelists, Mages and more...
From recently test's we saw that classes such Adventurer, Ghost Hunter, Wind Rider has a very big amount of evasion that is going
to be lower in a level that you can still playing any of those classes.
Tank's from the other has a very big rate of stun success, that'll be unfelt lower but it will work.
More about this subject in the next topic!

Feel free to wright your overview and any suggestions ideas.

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